The covid-19 shutdown impacts us all in many ways. We will unfortunately miss out on this seasons hunting, which will place financial pressure on the Hunt. Hounds still need to be fed and Huntsman need to be paid.

For a few years, I followed the hunt - mostly around 2012 to 2014 - and loved it. I moved to Dunedin in 2015, but continued to visit regularly. As a hunt fundraiser, I've dug into my archives - I hope you enjoy the nostalgia and will consider purchasing some with 100% of the money going to the hunt.

These are priced competitively (and acknowledging many of them are older) at $7 for one, 2 for $10, 5 for $20 (and if you are after more just ask!) for full size digital photos, which you are then free to print. Again, 100% of this will go to the Hunt.

If you are interested and wish to purchase, please email me at [email protected]. I am working remotely currently but hopefully can get back to you shortly! Please take note of the "Image reference" on each photo that you are interested in, as well as what event it is from - this will assist me to find the photos.

Be safe, be kind, let's get through this 🐴

2012 hunts

2nd June 2012 - Muriwai Downs hunt
20th May 2012
20th April 2012 - Children's Hunt
25 April 2012
9 June 2012 - Satellite Road
30th June 2012
8th July 2012 - Closing Hunt

2013 hunts

23 March 2013 - Opening Hunt
1 April 2013 - Satellite Road
17th April 2013 - Red Coat (Eloise S.)
25 April 2013 - ANZAC Day hunt
1 May 2013 - Children's Hunt
25 May 2013
3 June 2013
9 June 2013
6 July 2013 - Closing Hunt

Newer hunts (assorted)

May 2015 - Red Coat Hunt (K.U.)
Opening Hunt 2019

Visiting other hunts - Taupo hunt week and Northland Hunt

Northland Hunt: 2 June 2012, Bayly's Beach
Northland Hunt: 15 June 2013, Purerua
Taupo Hunt Week 2010 (low quality photos)
Taupo Hunt Week 2012

Hunter Trials

WH Hunter Trials 2012
WH Hunter Trials 2013
WH Hunter Trials 2014

Please do not screenshot or copy these photos as this defeats the purpose of a fundraiser.

I hope everyone enjoys! - Teri

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